Saturday, April 27, 2013

A successful Mural Artist is one that is willing to really put his clients needs in the driver seat

I see the biggest struggle a lot of Artist have is they put their needs, wants and desires for their business ahead of their clients

Versus when you put your clients first, and you’re there to really serve them, all of a sudden you let them lead the business to a greater success

The pointing out the joy that a Mural Artist gets out of helping and working with people is number one.

Which is putting their needs first instead of yours, and looking to really see what is out there as a need for them, and how can I help them get that need met, like new Faux Finish Designs and the latest look in Mural applications

An Artist never should rest on it’s laurels, he or she must be a diligent researcher and re inventor of art creations and designs.

The greatest reward of an Mural Artist is a very pleased customer!