Sunday, September 9, 2012

Children and Babys Mural Painting

Creating colorful Hand painted Murals in Children's Rooms that will spark their imagination is one of my most specialized talents.
Walls can come alive with unique and whimsical mural designs, tree murals , fairies, flowers, butterflies, bugs, fish, sports, jungle murals, jungle animals, castle mural, fun monsters, trains, construction trucks, fire trucks, or planes. I can personalize a wall to match bedding, a room decor, your child’s interests, or even add a special phrase.
Children's Rooms are my favorite subject, but I am not limited in my style. Through murals I can transform a room into the destination of your choice. Perhaps a Paris walk, a tranquil beach, a Mural with a Tuscany window view,  or a quiet Woodland, or even some inspirational words. Creativity is unlimited!

Thank you!