Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Mural & Trompe L"oeil Artist

Italian Decor Achieved thru Italian Murals

The beauty and draw of Italy cannot be overstated. When asked where one would like to travel, Italy often is mentioned. There are many reasons for this including the colorful history, the varied scenery, and of course the food. One result of this fascination with the country is an interest in Italian decor in modern day homes. One of the best ways to capture Italian decor in your interior decorating theme is thru the use of wall murals.
Italian murals capture the beauty of the scenery. Murals also capture the colors that are commonly utilized in developing an Italian decor theme. Murals allow the country to be brought to life in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or other room.
This page provides some Italian home decor ideas that utilize a wall mural as a central part. As you review the ideas, keep in mind that you can follow links to resources you can utilize to complete your italian decor theme.