Monday, March 12, 2012

San Antonio Murals and Faux Finishes

Factors that determine the cost and how long a job will take:
latetly I have received several enquires from my customers in regards to Murals and Faux Finishes Cost, bellow you will find some hints about cost, prices are not given over the phone, normally an appointment for a free consultation is offered to you,
you will receive an estimate of cost with no hidden fees.
We look forward to serve you

:For Mural Work

Detail, size, elevation, location, surface condition and texture. Special equipment

rental like scaffolding

For Faux Finishes:

Style of Faux Finish, square footage coverage, Elevation of the determined area

Detail demanded for specific area, f client wants a new custom style if there is a

specific budget to met, single or multiple color choices in one application