Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nationwide Custom Mural & Trompe L'oeil Artist

"Nationwide Fine Mural Artist"
When it comes to Mural painting and Faux Finishes, there is no one better than Artistic Mural Works by Fine Artist Norma Ruffinelli to take your ideas and make them into stunning wall murals and artistic faux finishes.
Whether you want the traditional pink and blue hues for a girl or boy, or the avant-garden color scheme that fits your more progressive style, Norma can come up with a hand painted wall mural that will have your friends and family ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at your newborn’s nursery or an elegant mural in your formal dining room

Every mural or decorative touch Norma does is 100% original. The manner in which Norma's mural process takes form is far from a cookie-cutter or trendy “flavor of the month” type of system or a nice stencil work, her art is original, customized and hand painted.

Mural Painting Styles:

Architectural Murals/Exterior
Architectural Murals/Interior
Car and Truck Murals
Castle Murals
City, Place & Landmark
Coastal/Nautical Murals
Commercial Building Murals
European / Old World Murals
Fantasy & Whimsical Murals
Farm Scene Murals
Faux Finish Murals
Faux Finishes
Figurative Murals
Mediterranean Murals
Murals on Canvas
Nature and Wildlife Murals
Old Masters Style Murals
Oriental / Far East Style Murals
Portrait Murals
Religious and Biblical Murals
Science Fiction Murals
Sports Murals
Transportation Murals
Trompe l’Oeil / Photorealist Murals
Tropical/Beach Murals
Tuscan Murals
Undersea/dolphin Murals
Victorian Murals
Vintage Poster Murals

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