Monday, October 14, 2013

Painted Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds can be painted in any room of your home or business, the pictures you are looking at, the clouds were painted on the kitchen ceiling, but the most popular applications that I have painted them are in foyer ceilings, master bedroom ceilings, bathroom ceilings, family room ceilings, dining room ceilings and children and baby nursery ceilings, cloud painting is ageless!

Painted Clouds on your ceilings will be always popular and part of our home decor, when have you heard from some one say  "I am tired of looking at the sky clouds"?
By Norma Ruffinelli

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forest Cabin on the Lake Mural

Forest Cabin it's a great mural theme for any home, you can bring nature indoors, I loved painting this sunset at the lake, a very peaceful and tranquil place to be at, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Children Murals

Painting Children Murals is a lot of fun, as an artist you want to make sure that customers totally end up loving your work, but you also need their children approval and likening of your art work, initially you get interviewed by the parent ( your client ) but after you are hired, it is imperative to find out from the clients children what they in vision in their bedroom walls, so along with the parent and child you can gather all the necessary information to create an incredible Mural Themed Bedroom.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Murals can make a Dramatic Change in your Home!

Murals can dramatically change a room by adding color and dimension. A small space can appear to grow in size, while a dark space can look as bright as day. Be inspired to change up a wall in your home by checking out the many themes people have come up with for home murals in our web site. Do you think you would go with something modern or classic? Artistic Mural Works by Artist Norma Ruffinelli offers to create custom home or business murals that for sure will leave a legacy.
Thank you

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

House Painting, Decorators Custom Paint Choices

How to choose paint colors that reflect your lifestyle
Exterior house painting is not something you think about often.  Unlike interior painting, most home-owners consider exterior house painting when the current condition of the paint-job is poor, and not when they get bored with the color.  While a fresh paint-job offers great protection and preserves your exterior surfaces, it also communicates your character, taste, and your lifestyle.
Before choosing colors, here are a few questions every home-owner should consider:

 Why are you painting the house?
Are you just bored with the color? Is your current paint in poor shape? Do you need fresh coats to protect the siding against the elements?  Is your home being prepared to go on the market?  How happy are you with our current paint colors?

At Artistic Mural Works we can help you with ALL you painting needs
Just give us a call, thank you (210) 376-7393

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Formal Dining Room Mural

Formal Dining Room Mural
Wall Murals add great ambience and atmosphere to any room, specially to a gathering room like a dining room, it creates a focal point of very positive energy, warmth and comunication among guests.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Murals in San Antonio, Texas

This past week I had the great privilege of completing several school murals for Redland Oaks PTA School in San Antonio, Texas
One large mural was painted on the hall wall leading to school offices
Six more murals were painted on the school auditorium walls along with eight quotes taken from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids book by Sean Covey.
I am very sure kids will really enjoy viewing these murals when they come back to school this Summer and for many more years to come, it was a real pleasure creating art for them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mural Artist in San Antonio, Texas. US

This inspirational thought for the rest of this year will galvanize you all into action!
A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves."
A real creative Artist can inspire you to have painted wonderful Artistic Murals  and Faux Finishes in your Home or place of Business
Give Us a call and schedule a Free Consultation & Estimate
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Monday, June 10, 2013

How to built your Mural Business

Build Your Mural Business On Best Practices

Every industry has best practices and a code of ethics, so right from the start, use those as your guiding principles. Make sure every employee understands what the ethical situations are, why it's important to abide by these practices, and what to do if faced with a difficult situation. You'll rarely be led wrong doing the right thing.

Act Quickly On Customer Complaints

If a customer comes to you with a concern, whether it's a minor question or a fairly serious problem, make the time to talk to them directly and find out what happened. Listen carefully, take notes and discuss with them what you can do to rectify the problem. Often the simple act of listening and explaining your position, and then trying to make things right, will impress the customer even if they're ultimately unsatisfied.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mural Artists

Mural Artists, "How to Give (and Receive) Positive Criticism"
Criticism hurts for most, but given right, it can inspire both the critic and the critiqued. Here are five tips to make your critique a positive experience.
There is nothing pleasant about criticism. Even the best intentioned critique still stings. People like to be right, correct, and accomplished, it hurts when some one finds faults in your work, no matter how nice your critic tries to be. Still, those who strive to improve, value direct feedback no matter how painful. And as long as the critic is not being MALICIOUS, he or she can actually build a higher level of trust by providing constructive criticism carefully and empathetically.
So whether you are reviewing  a fellow artist or friends art work, here are five tips for giving criticism in a way it will be appreciated and well received. 
1. Have Clear Objectives
2. Create a Neutral Environment
3. Use Fewer Words With More Meaning
4.  Align the Criticism With the Subject's Goal
5. Encourage Self - Critique

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Myth... Artists are born or made?

Myth: Artists are born, not made.

Fact: A passion for art has to be there, but all other skills are acquired. No one is born knowing how to paint a Mural.

The first step to becoming an artist is to want to be an artist. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? After all, artists are born, not made….right? You either have talent or you don’t.

Wrong! No one is born knowing how to Draw, or how to Paint,, or how to Trompe L'oeil or to create art, anymore than anyone is born knowing how to play the violin or fly a plane. These are all skills. They can be taught, they can be learned. Some people may find the process of acquiring those skills to be exhilarating and enjoyable, others may find the process boring. The people who find the process exhilarating may pick up the skill quickly and easily. Or they may not.
So ask yourself, do I view my artistic work as a job or as an enjoyable creative career ?
With your sincere answer you will know, if you were actually born to be an artist.
By Norma Ruffinelli

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A successful Mural Artist is one that is willing to really put his clients needs in the driver seat

I see the biggest struggle a lot of Artist have is they put their needs, wants and desires for their business ahead of their clients

Versus when you put your clients first, and you’re there to really serve them, all of a sudden you let them lead the business to a greater success

The pointing out the joy that a Mural Artist gets out of helping and working with people is number one.

Which is putting their needs first instead of yours, and looking to really see what is out there as a need for them, and how can I help them get that need met, like new Faux Finish Designs and the latest look in Mural applications

An Artist never should rest on it’s laurels, he or she must be a diligent researcher and re inventor of art creations and designs.

The greatest reward of an Mural Artist is a very pleased customer!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The World needs more Murals

www.artisticmuralworks.comThe World needs more Murals, they bring color, fun, inspiration, energy, atmosphere but most of all JOY to our lives in any wall of our home wall  or  place of business
Always call a Professional Mural Artist with a great reputation in your City for the best results
Hiring an artist from  the least expensive estimate... it will really means that either  He or She is a beginner artist with no experience at all that will actually  practice on your walls or an artist that it's not too artistic, since a real artist always knows for sure how much Her or His work is worth,
A reasonably paid artist will perform 120%, since creativity is powered by emotions.,
A happy artist will create an incredible Art piece that will over whelm every client.

The World needs more Murals

World MuralsMurals,Faux Finishes,Children Murals, Trompe L'oeil,Decorative Painting,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Planning and Design of a Mural
Strategic Thinking & Past Successes Serve as our Guides

Artistic Mural Works brings experience accumulated from dozens of related endeavors to every prospective project. We can be of assistance with budgeting, scheduling, and planning the logistics of your work with input that is beneficial to you months or even years before onsite efforts commence. With an approach informed by more than two decades of past successes, Artist Norma Ruffinelli can help formulate not only the most strategic, cost-effective, and non-disruptive solutions, but the most beautiful and enduring as well.

Artistic Mural Works offers abundant Art services like Hand Painted Murals, Beautiful Faux Finishes and Unique Art Creations for your Residence and place of Business

Give Us a call and reserve a Free Consultation and Estimate (210) 376-7393
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by Artist Norma Ruffinelli

Monday, January 21, 2013

Made in America Wall Murals: What will Make your House Unique and Incredible from others?

 Made in America Wall Murals: What will Make your House Unique and Incredible from Others?

*A room that looked beautiful and warm in those winter days, now feels stuffy and dark.

Spring is almost here, and it means we should spruce up our home for making

surroundings refreshed and pleasant.

Spring home decoration should be colorful, bright and out of this world. Spring is the

time of year for bringing out bright colors, bold designs and fresh themes in home

decorating. If you want to bring energy and life to your rooms, then simply go for Wall


Bring the Outdoors In, If you are looking for some great designs of wall murals, then


*There are many online stores that are offering beautiful wall murals in bright colors and

alluring designs at fair prices, but please do not forget that these are wall paper Murals,

printed by the thousands of copies at a time, these need to be installed like wall paper,

with glue, leaving jointing seams, of course these murals look beautiful on your

computer screen, but wouldn’t you rather have a Mural made in America and not over

Seas, rather made in your own Home, Custom, Hand Painted Mural? Or a wall paper

mural copy?

You can have a real piece of Art that will always be in Style, Classy, Elegant, and of

course it will be giving your property a greater value and a modern or Old world appeal

*There are so many Art Ideas for Murals, the list is endless, we are sure there is one that

will captivate all your senses, please give Us a call for a FREE Consultation and

Estimate and we will help you find the Best Idea for your Home

Thank you
(210) 376-7393

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

San Antonio, TX. FAQ * What can I do with my Home Wall Niches?

What do I do with my Home Wall Niches?
Wall Niches are Here to Stay for sure, for the last 20 years Architects and Home Designers have added Wall Niches to their New Home designs, from Tuscan, Mediterranean, Modern and Contemporary Styles
Niches have been installed from small inexpensive homes to the largest Mansions and Castles worldwide
An ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue or other decorative object.
One of the earliest buildings which uses external niches containing statues is the Church of Orsanmichele in Florence, built between 1380-1404.
Today a modern niche is an easy way to add architectural interest to your home.
But for the most common home owner is confronted with a big problem
“How can I dress up my Home Wall Niches?”
Well there are a few things that you could do to decorate it properly, but it should be done by a professional Artistic person

* Faux Finish the interior of your Wall Niche with Faux Finishes

* Faux Finish the interior of your Wall Niche with Metallic Paints

* Paint A Scenery mural, Statue, or Flower Urn….and more

* Paint Trompe L’oeil Stone in the interior and Contour of Niche opening

* Paint Scrolling the top arch of Wall Niche

* and much more could done by Mural Artist Norma Ruffinelli in San Antonio, TX

Give Us a Call and schedule a Free Consultation and Estimate

Thank you
Norma Ruffinelli
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