Wednesday, August 15, 2012

San Francisco, California

In San Fransisco, Ca.,
You can become totally inspired as an artist to paint any kind of mural, but most specially a Tuscan Mural theme by just looking at the beautiful lanscapes of the country sites
Artistic Mural Works can create a Murals for any taste, size and budget, from a Tuscan Mural to an Italian scenery Mural, indoor or outdoor, or perhaps a beautiful realistic sky mural that can totally transform any room, or a themed room mural for kids or nursery room, mural placements and ideas as you can see are unlimited.
Our murals have qualities of peace and beauty, and are realistic or illustrative.
You, your family and guests will always find inspiration and pleasure in them plus you will add value to your home or business.
We work with fast-drying, non-toxic acrylic & latex paints, which has a relatively pleasant odor and will last, without fading, as long as the wall it is painted on.
We are dedicated to transform living environments through art. Our hand painted quality custom murals work is characterized by the artist vision and ability coming from a wealth of experience in Murals, fine art, decoration and interior design. We bring you the best of old European murals traditions and styles.
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Here are some ideas for your next Mural Project: Sky murals, Trompe L'oeil murals, wine cellar murals, landscape murals, hill country murals, urban and suburban murals, historic murals, signage murals, sports murals, animal themed murals, jungle themed murals, floral murals, your pet murals, garden murals, abstract murals, ocean and sea murals, underwater world murals, fantasy murals, Tuscan style murals, french country murals, Mediterranean murals, tropical waterfalls murals, beach murals, galactic murals, commercial murals, school murals, hospital murals, restaurant murals, kitchen murals bathroom murals, game room murals and outdoor murals, the list of ideas of murals is endless to mention them all in this paragraph, but we offer a free consultation and estimate so we can discuss further your ideas and thoughts.
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